Semco Tool & Mfg. has the capability to produce custom eyelets and metal stampings for the Automotive Industry, Military, Electronic Components & Connectors, Fuse Caps, Terminal Pins, Cosmetics, Aerosol, Lamp & Lighting, Appliances, Hardware, Writing Instruments, Detonator Caps, Battery Cans, Condensor Cans, Fasteners, Ferrules, Grommets, Standard Roll Head Eyelets, Valve Assembly components, and much more.

Semco Tool & Manufacturing is capable of producing parts in various materials including: Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper and Aluminum.

Specialty procedures include: Flares, Flanges, Curling, Beading, Knurling, Form Piercing, Ribbing, Bulging, Thread Rolling, Labeling, Lancing and Embossing. Post-production plating and coating options are also available from our sources or yours.

Our Multi-station High Speed Transfer Presses are capable of handling tight tolerances which aids in producing quality products with on time deliveries.

Semco Tool & Mfg. also offers in house Engineering and Tooling Design.

The process:

Semco Tool & Mfg has the ability to design, engineer and custom build all your tooling needs from start to finish in house. We also offer the capability to convert existing tooling into our equipment that you may currently own.

Animated manufacturing process

Explaination of The Drawing Process:

  1. First, we start off with a coil of raw material.
  2. The material is fed into our high speed transfer press
  3. The machine stamps out a Blank
  4. The Blank is then transferred into the cup operation as seen her
  5. The Blank Holder applies even pressure on the Blank as the Cup Punch Draws the material into the Cup Die thus eliminating wrinkles in the Cup.
  6. The Cup is then transferred into the First Draw Operation where it is drawn to the correct Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter, and Over All Length.
  7. Next, the shell is transferred into the Pierce Operation where the specified dimension of material in the bottom of the shell is removed.
  8. Finally, the shell is transferred into the Clip Operation where the excess material will be removed leaving you with a perfectly finished product.

Typical Sample Lines of our Drawn Metal Products: