Semco Tool & MFG Building - 30 Naugatuck Drive Naugatuck, CT 06770

Established in 1973 Semco Tool & Manufacturing is an independent, family-owned business that has always been sensitive to the needs of its customers. At Semco Tool & Manufacturing we fully understand that success in a highly competitive, global marketplace relies heavily on enhanced values in capability, product quality, timeliness, comprehensive service and competitively favorable pricing.

Semco Tool & Manufacturing has provided millions of components featuring a wide range of simple to complex designs utilizing a streamlined production line with high volume equipment to manufacture products efficiently and economically. The highly efficient operations improve response times of prototype, low or high volume production.

Semco Tool & Manufacturing serves various industries including automotive, electronics and electrical applications, appliances, hardware, cosmetics, aerosol, cable, video, domestic furnishings and writing instruments.